The Band

The Roving Seats, country music band was founded in 2012 by Manuel JULVEZ (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar). Jean-Michel PEYROT, (Acoustic & Electric Guitar), quickly joined the band to constitute the current base of the band…


The 2 artists are inseparable and each bring their touch, giving the Roving Seats clearly identifiable sound…The Roving Seats navigate between several American musical styles, ranging from Country to Folk Music through Americana. 

Through the years, Stephane PISANI (Bass) and Sylvain TAUZIAC (Vocals, Percussions) joined the band. In 2016, Thierry LECOCQ (Mandolin, Violin, Background Vocals) and Jean-Marc DELON (Banjo) in turn joined the 4 guys, then Jérôme MOURIEZ (Drums) in 2018, to constitute the whole band in the current configuration!

The Roving Seats has released their debut album in February 2014 and are in contact with many experienced artists and producers of the American Country Music scene in Nashville (Lari White, Pam Rose…).


They performed on the great stage of the Festival Country RDV of Craponne-Sur-Arzon (France) in July 2014 and on many other great Festival stages since then. They're currently working on the 2nd album and should be released in the next fe months.


Why “The Roving Seats”? Simply because there’s always a place for other musicians wanting to join the artists, always a free seat for a jam session..


Lead Vocal

Acoustic Guitars

Jean-Michel PEYROT

Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars

Background Vocals


Lead Vocal

Background Vocals


Stephane PISANI


Thierry LECOCQ



Background Vocals

Jean-Marc DELON