Festival: The Fest & Legends (Beauvais)

Next Saturday (The 1st of September), The Roving Seats will be on the great stage of Fest & Legends, the new Festival in Beauvais.

The Country & Irish Festival will take place at the Elispace, a great place (capacity of 4.500 people).


Nathan Carter, the famous Irish singer, will share the stage with The Roving Seats.

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The Roving Seats will be 6 on stage with:

  • Manuel JULVEZ: Guitars, Lead Vocals
  • Sylvain TAUZIAC: Percussion, Lead Vocals
  • Jean-Michel PEYROT: Lead Guitars
  • Stephane PISANI: Bass
  • Jean-Marc DELON: Banjo
  • Thierry LECOCQ: Mandolin, Fiddle, Background Vocals

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